Our Approach

We believe beauty is a language of care, and flowers are just one way we get to speak that love to others.

Around here flowers aren’t the fluff or the extras. Flowers remind us that life is growing and challenging, but it is also good and bountiful. Flowers are the proof that someone set your table with care and anticipated your arrival with joy. Flowers evoke emotions, and give life to a space. And flowers truly make an ordinary day into someone’s wedding day!

We would love to walk alongside you as you plan your wedding, and provide resources and creative help in curating your florals and design vision.  We're  suckers for the small details, simply laid tables, and taking our time to curate each design and bouquet. Our biggest joy is seeing all of our planning come together on your day - and providing a beautiful ambience that will inspire the perfect celebration of your love.



Meet Diamant!

Bringing people together has always been a source of inspiration to me. From planning the perfect theme party, to baking home made goodies, to obsessing over the perfect shag rug to welcome people into our house - I tend to get excited about hosting!

What I’ve learned from years of “putting on the party”
is that people just want to feel cared for,
and sometimes thoughtful is better than extravagant.  

Weddings are stressful. Trust me, I didn't sleep a wink the night before mine. If I can make one part of the process easier, cohesive, beautiful, and maybe just a little heartwarming, than we will both be dancing at the end of the night!

When I’m not doing flowers, you can find me tinkering in the garden, planning another diy house project, or chasing after my dog at the beach! My husband is my safe anchor and the best listener, and we do life together in a crazy old house in Cardiff by the Sea, California. No I can't get away from the sunshine, and yes I love hugenourmous salads. 

My favorite flowers are sweet-peas because I’ve grown them every year since I was 8, and they are the simplest, wildest, most sweet smelling things God placed on this earth! (ok ok, other than babies and puppies I guess!)